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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  June 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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stadium after the team's season opener with the giants. ramirez looks like the sketch of stow's attacker. his lawyers say he was nowhere neared stadium and his family will vouch for him. the 30-year-old remains the prime suspect and have kept him in jail for a parole violation. they say they found a gun in a laundry basket in the apartment where he was arrested and his parole attorney says it's not his weapon. >> he wasn't in actual possession of the firearm. there is an issue about whether or not he had knowledge waits inside of the residence. >> hearing officers decided to amendment the initial charge of a felon in possession of a firearm to a felon with access to a firearm. dean johnson explains the difference. >> they may not have been able to prove he was actually in possession of a firearm but
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conditions of parole have a much broader standard and that someone on parole can't be in a place where he has access to a firearm, even if he doesn't have possession of it. >> ramirez's attorneys weren't surprised at today's decision. >> we're before a board that needs a whiff of wrong doing and that is enough to send someone back upstate. >> police did not discuss the possible brian stow beating. prosecutors decided against presenting a case on that charge to so that issue never came up today. his family did not comment on today's developments. >> and rising temperatures bringing an increased concern about fire danger, especially into oakland hills where a
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fire storm nearly 20 years ago killed 25 people, destroying thousands of homes. and there is one area keeping the fire fuel down. >> i'm standing where the fire storm started. you can see the glass turn -- grass turning brown. i can tell you the goats are doing their part to take this down. it's become an annual tradition in the hills above the parkwoods. goats hard at work clearing the brush that could pose a threat as fire season gets underway. >> they're working hard and eating away. >> does this make you feel better? >> absolutely. yes. >> this keeps our territory safer from fire hazards. >> the parkwoods were the first of 3700 homes to burn.
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fire season is starting late, but officials say despite what signs say, the time is now for residents to get ready. >> last night was uneventful. but people might let their guard down and there is people have to be on their toe autos by now, homeowners should have cleared 30 feet of defensible space. and cal fire announced they'll cut staffing from four firefighters to three. >> there we go. >> this resident lost his home, and since then has been trained with several neighbors as part of the core program. and he knows how to hook up the hoses in his garage until firefighters approve. >> if you can get it out
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within three, four moneys have you a good chance of -- you can save it. it's one of the easiest time to put the fire out exists. right after it started. >> cal fire has had to cut back on their staffing. oakland fire has not cut back on staffing on engines, i'm told the issue might be later in the season when there might be extra patrols. they may not have funding for those patrols. the fire stage reaches those higher levels later in the season. >> and there is a bit of breaking news on the east bay. about 2,000 people are with out power because of problems of traffic lights. and lights are down into concord area, 2000 people are affected by this, and we'll
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update as need be. concord area, couple thousand people without power. the heat prompted people to look for waves to cool off. many found the answer in ocean beach in san francisco. and into the south bay they found relief. they often do, into fountains of cesar chavez plaza. there is a good spot to have fun. and how long is this going to last? >> you can see on the satellite image there is a wide expanse clear, except down at monterey and points south ward, we knew well up here in the bay area, there is 99 degrees in antioch and morgan hill. and temperatures hit 98 in fairfield. and there is santa rosa, there is a lot of beat going on today, tomorrow going to be a spare the air day.
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air quality is declining. we're looking at moderate air quality into santa clara valley tomorrow. and interest is triple digits around the east bay. i'll show you where, where it will be cooler in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. pg&e agreed to pay a $26 million fine and admits to safety violations in connection with an explosion back in 2008. the california public utilities commission announcing that fine today. the largest in cpuc history. pg&e admits the pipe involved was not properly pressure tested, and was not authorized for gas service. the christmas eve pipeline explosion and fire killed one person, injuring five other autos caltrans pleading with all of us to drive more carefully after three caltrans maintenance workers have been hit and killed in two months. and this latest accident
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happened after caltrans will now post safe driving remainder -- reminders. you'll see those statewide. the department issued what it calls a safety stand down today, stopping all routine maintenance projects. >> we need to refresh safety is our number one priority with staff z need to assess whether or not our safety practices are being followed and want to listen to those employees as to what improvements we can make. >> caltrans crews are all scheduled to resume work tomorrow. and the safety stand down may last several days for other field and office staff. it does not affect major projects like the bay bridge construction effort. >> the family of missing student michelle lee hire aid private investigators to help determine what happened to her, she disappeared from kaiser
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hospital in hayward where she was a nursing student. the private investigator promised confidentiality, protection and even relocation to anyone who might have been afraid to come forward before now. they're going to find his name, number and e mail address at abc 7 look under see it on tv. >> and investigators looking into the cause of a fire that severely damaged an apartment building leaving 55 people without a place to live. the fire broke out in a second story unit of the building on caliente drive. taking firefighters three hours to douse flames. residents say they had just minutes to get out of the units. >> all of a sudden we just heard this guy screaming and i sounded like stuff was crashing down. then, my boyfriend ran outside and says there is a fire, grab the baby. >> one person had to be taken
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to the hospital. authorities not saying how seriously that person was hurt. >> and there was alert that there was a fire. >> a east bay lawmaker says she plans to launch a new crusade to abolish the death penalty, calling capitol punishment an expensive failure she says is not helping to pro protect our state, but helping to bankrupt us. tonight, we take a look at the expense of executed inmates. >> the death penalty is a big hoax here. >> with access to records, a judge and law professor found california taxpayers spend more than $184 million extra per year on death row compare toind mates in prison for life without possibility of parole. despite having 700 inmates on death rorks many die of
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natural causes and only 13 excuses have been performed since voters reinstated in 1978. since then, state doled out $4 billion for death row. the study predicts costs will balloon to $9 billion by 2030, there will be more than 1,000 inmates there. this report points at the ledge slay -- legislature and says you botched it. you can't make the reforms would you need to have. >> in addition to costs, years and decades long appeals drives expenses up. executions have been on hold since 2006 because of legal challenge to the use of lethal injection, opponents say this raises questions over whether california should continue to have the death penalty. >> it's a hiddis -- hideous waste of taxpayer money what. we can do and should do is eliminate the death penalty.
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>> until the people said that is a penalty we don't want anymore. we just can't do it here in california and have to keep it. >> the authors say voters were duped at the ballot box on where the cost is associated with death row, suggesting it's time to put the question back before californians, changing the den penalty will be a fight as voters are split on the issue. >> you know that old saying one person's trash is another person's treasure, coming up, hoi your throw aways could be the you'll you'll need for next trek out of town. >> nothing a man tried to make his lap top fixed seemed to compute what. 7 on your side did to change that, just ahead. >> and a local food bank
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unwraps a gift for feeding the hungry throughout the south bay. 8t ñ ñ ñxqxqxqçtçtes0pdtdtdp
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the first alternative jet fuel approved for aviation use in this country will be produced in a gilroy plant. abc 7 joins us from san francisco international airport to explain. heather? >> the bio fuel company identified the gilroy plant site after 2009 but funding for that plant has been held up until now with a commitment
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of major carriers convincing investors time is right trash could soon be fueling a plane leaving from any one of the three major airports. 11 airlines including american, united, southwest and fed yechl have signed qlerts of intent to buy an alternative jet nul made from urban waste. it will be made by bio energy company at a plant which has yet to be built. the ceo spoke with us from the air show, amend fa sizing using readily available material. >> you don't need to go out to grow millions of acres of a crop in order to generate this fuel. >> the plant will convert 550,000 met trick cons of waste into about 16 million gallons of fuel per year by 2015, not requiring changes at the airport or in the plane. >> it drops in fuel, they can
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drop it into the jet. the storage system and without having to change engines or storage. >> you've got to start somewhere. >> the air trance pore association says airlines want to increase competition, have greener choices and increase energy security but don't expect the owe crude-oil based fuel to disappear any time soon. >> i think we aspire to do that. you know? many, many decades from now. i think the key is that we shouldn't let the challenge of replacing all of our fuel overnight keep us from making small debt. >> just last year, there was a similar agreement with british airways to provide the fuel from a plant right after hedge row. there will be jobs created and also permanent jobs at that
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plant but shows it's not prepared to say exactly how many. >> folks at second harvest food bank are over the top wex sitement and gratitude tonight just receiving the largest donation in the history for second harvest. donated a $9 million facility to the food bank. the ceos broke the ribbon on the building that cypress donated to the food bank. >> we estimate 50% more food can come into the facility. it will be a produce hub for both counties, fresh fruits and vegetables will come out of this facility. >> tj rogers told the crowd
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that to help the food bank he decided to consolidate into another building. >> i can argue it's good for you because it makes your company mer valuable and prominent makes the company able to attract people. >> people who he says like the idea of giving of the last year the 3500 employees donated 300 pounds of food per person to the food bank and says demand for product is increasing. >> this is nearly one in four. there is a gap but there is no way to address that gap. that is the incredible gift of the building. >> she runs martha's kitchen getting most of the food from
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the food bank. >> we've been always short of fresh produce this, is going to be dedicated to fresh produce. >> she says they hope to have the facility up and running by fall. she doesn't know how much goitsing to cost but says probably only a small fraction of what this donation is worth. >> that is fantastic. >> generous. >> thanks to you for doing that. >> that is the nicest gesture anyone has given all day. >> really? >> high temperatures into upper 90s, and there is some heat. there is a live view looking towards the north-northwest. just a cull -- couple thin, high clouds, this means we're in the heat. there is a close up view there. is fog surging up from the coast coast moving into
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monterey area. our coastline is clear today, there is warm weather so cooling to our south and logts of warming into our area. the flow of hot air swept across the bay area today causing high temperatures to soar into 90s, it's now 97 degrees in antioch. 93 in napa. 94 in los gatos. 77 here in san francisco. highlights, clear, mild tonight. summer arriving tomorrow, 10:16 a.m. triple digit temperatures arriving with summer, on we go. lows will be into low 60s. its going to be a mild overnight period in the absence of clouds and coastal fog to cool us down. this is a flow out of the north-northeast that is going to heat the air coming down throughout the bay area going to make tomorrow the hottest
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day in the forecast period. we'll start at 5:00 in the morning and skies will be clear. so looking for sunshine from coast to inland tomorrow. and fog will not move up against so high as long the coastline than today, we'll see 90s to low 100s. starting with a look at the south bay, 9234 san jose and there is 85 in millbrae. and 71 in fa civica. 85 degrees downtown tomorrow. 74 into sunset district. highs 95 in sonoma. and near east bay highs upper 80s and low 90s, 88 in oakland. inland 100 or higher in virtually every location here except dublin and close to
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100. upper 70s near the bay. mid to upper 90s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow, marking the hottest day of the forecast period. so then temperatures moderating a bit wednesday, warm inland and cooling down along the coast and bay. farther cooling each bay throughout the weekend. >> i'm ready for it now. >> thank you. >> and stay with us. tonight there is a real red carpet ride in hollywood. >> we're crashing a party for "cars 2". droid !
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you can see
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a fremont woman faces a possible 20 year prison torm today following a conviction on insider trading charges, among 13 people arrested last year, accused of accepting cash and gifts in exchange for financial information. most others pleaded guilty. she worked for two years as a consultant for primary global research based in this office building where the company supplies research and market expert ease to corporate clients and hedge funds. >> with there is an update on a recent abc 7 i team investigation into a whistle blower program a cording to a grand jury report on the ethics commission, the commission has no way to track the cases it investigates arks
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louing people who break laws to pay as little as 1% of the fines and it hasn't taken action against any public official for violating will you laws in the last six years. >> the kbhigs is there to make sure the elections are run fairly and cleanly. and if the citizens start to lose faith in the ethics commission they're not performing their function this causes sit ken sens to lose trust in the government. >> and taking a form nine months just to start the process. >> and still coming up at 6:30, democrat nancy pelosi coming home to raise an issue she thinks will help her party regain a standing in washington. >> the u.s. supreme court sides with walmart with a discrimination suit. >> and michael finney puts an end to a run around a bay area
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man was getting over a messed up monitor.
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house democratic leader nancy pelosi is blaming her republican colleagues for trying to balance the budget on the backs of the poor visiting a senior day care center. >> the day care center is housed in the new institute on aging air, beautiful new building that is housing a rapidly shrinking center. three times per week, she works out ain exerciser. >> i have cancer, doctor told me i have to do exercise. >> without exercise, she says she has to have morphine.
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but at the end of the month, the pain is coming to this center. the program will be eliminated and clients will be cut to less than 30. >> we won't be be accepting kplints who have medical anymore so. it does... >> that is it?. >> yes. that is it as of june ow owe -- 30th, no skilled nursing and no speech therapy. staff will be cut from 20 down to three. >> i like you a lot. >> house minority leader toured this morning, shaking hands with men and women who likely will not be here. down stairs, she blamed republicans for the cuts. >> there is three quarters of a trillion dollars slashed from medicaid. that is almost exactly the tax cut they want to give. >> republicans defended cuts
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as a necessity. >> the very wealthy are the one that's create wealth in this country and provide the jobs. >> pelosi says the "new york times" reports that white house hasn't tried. there are 7.6 million beneficiaries and hospitals and doctors are telling me cuts will make it harder for the poor. >> i think they'll want to continue to serve but can't continue to take cuts and not be able to pay the help and rent. >> the result? more people will show up for help in emergency rooms and hospitals will pass the cost of treating uninsured on to those who have insurance and ability to pay. expect another hike in your health care premiums. >> mark, thank you. and pelosi and george miller
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called for passage of the paycheck fairness act following a ruling favoring walmart today. issuing a statement saying quote today's ruling is another blow to a woman's right to fair pay and treatment on the job. the suit initiated by this woman, betty duke who's works as a greeter and claims walmart passes over women for promotions and wouldn't right to sue on behalf of the other worker buzz today's decision says they'll have to pursue claims individually. >> and i'm still optimistic will go forward in claims of sexual discrimination against walmart. >> walmart saying the company has a long history of providing advancement opportunities and made strides in developing women throughout
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the organization. >> the high court blocked losses aimed at forcing cuts from power plants targeting the largest polluters in the country, file by group who's want reductions in emission buzz justices ruled its up to the epa to regulate the pollution, not the courts. the epa plans to issue rules sometime next year. >> on to consumer news. and that is what a man says happened to him. and there is michael finney. >> in fact if they can do it again he might hit control, alt, delete on the purchase. it's been a while and he says
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almost immediately after taking it out of the box, something was wrong. >> this is like lcd screen was dying, dollars were darkened and would flicker. >> and he got it back with a note saying they dmot find anything wrong witness. >> it had the same problem. >> he sent it back a second time. this time replaced a part. >> just started to get worse and worse. i ended up having to send it back to them, again. >> a couple weeks later he told him the computer was ready for pick up, then told him they needed to do more testing. and it wasn't his lap top. >> it had blemishes and
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scratches. i could tell it was not my lap top. >> he called the company to find out why he had been sent a refurbished unit. he called 7 on your side. we contacted the company. and the company contacted josha. >> they offered to switch out data. hard drive from the original lap top into this new one. >> they declined an interview but in an e mail wrote we did end up sending him a replacement unit. some problems are inable but our reputation for quality is excellent. >> thanks for getting them to give me a call and getting them to finally assign someone to help me out. >> and in recent surveys they
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have in quality. >> coming up next... a monument to some of the world's best-known peacemaker autos and sculpture being built for the east bay. stay with us.
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internet domain names may be soon joined by the likes of.sports or.ipad. the panel vote forward a
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nearly unlimited expansion. you can petition for a name based on your company's brand or neighbor a political change. the deeb yeah is back to 1984. >> school is out for some but that is not stopping children from getting healthy meals. the city started its free summer meals program today. breakfast and lunch being served at more than 100 schools throughout the city. 20,000 children relie on the free or reduced costs meal buzz some include fruits and vegetables. >> we asked them to take a bite or open it up. taste one piece. maybe the orange is sweet and they're like i want to eat the rest of it. >> today's meal was a turkey wrap with a side of fruit and milk. >> and what is being touted as the largest bronze sculpture
6:41 pm
wochbt coast is going to go up in oakland this summer. and there are 25 people who will be depicted on this remember them monument, as its called. the artist wants it to be a source of inspiration. >> there is nothing on the west coast with people can come to, relate to on some level, and say... yes, i can identify with that person or persons. and... really feel good about themselves. >> once finished it will be 52 feet wide and stand 21 feet tall. it's quite large. >> just ahead, find yourself a parking spot. hollywood premier of "cars" coming up. >> and students earned a big reward for mastering a difficult task at school. back in a moment.
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you can schedule an in home visit or get answers right over the phone. call anthem blue cross today at 1-877-230-6352. that's 1-877-230-6352. if you've had to learn a second language, you know it isn't easy. so students have become
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proficient in english. tonight we talk about some of the stories these students were once considered english language learners, today, they're part of the mix. the west contra costa unified school district makes it a big deal. hector speaks only spanish at home and had to work hard to master the english language. part of the reclassification process makes him a better person. >> i want to be able to help latino and american people that are in crisis or immigration. >> other students wrote about
6:46 pm
their hero who's helped them learned the language. >> learning is really hard because i tried to say things the way it sounded in portuguese. >> fortunately laura got help from a friend in school who also spoke portuguese. >> if i had a question, about a word that i didn't understand, or i didn't know how to pronounce she'd tell me everything. >> that friend was by laura's side at the ceremony. there are 10,000 english learners. they had to be tested in the arts portion of the test. susan is with the school district. >> they had to learn grade level content in english so that is no easy feet. >> the district acknowledges the work parents put in. >> my mother and father are an
6:47 pm
inspiration to me. >> and her parents moved to help further her education. >> i'm just glad they're my parents. and hope to be like them when i grow up. >> a proud moment for all parents in richmond abc 7 news. >> they should be proud. >> yes. let's talk about the heat. you thought it was hot today. >> i want to cool off when i grow up. >> and there is a tomorrow the hottest day of the forecast. we're going to have that down sloping flow. temperatures up to 101 tomorrow in chico.
6:48 pm
92 in yosemite. another warm to hot day. highs reaching or exceeding 100 degrees and we'll see numerous locations, here is a look at projected highs compared with records for the date. you can see from seven to 13 degrees below record highs and there is the accu-weather forecast. highs up to 102 into hottest areas and there is further cooling into the weekend. >> thank you. >> and cars two, new film from emeryville opens on friday. pixar is owned by walt disney. our arts and entertainment reporter was the only reporter
6:49 pm
on the red carpet for the world premier. >> there is pixar, this time lightning mcqueen leave for a world grand prix competition. and there is intrigue and explosion all in 3 d. and here we are on the red carpet for the world premier and one of the most famous theaters. cars and stars walk over wheel that carpet and we're there. this is where they're closing down hollywood boulevard, that is exciting. >> everyone meets on the red carpet. >> actors record their lives
6:50 pm
individually. and this film has a real world feel to it. >> i'm from a town of 1200. i put myself in those situations. >> pixar is back in the director's chair with a way to make time. >> there is a special app. my commute, i've been working. >> there are 1200 people in pixar. >> it's wonderful they do work in emeryville. >> and how is the film? my review on thursday. >> cool.
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hope you can join me tonight at 9:00. are older workers better workers? a report says older workers outstrip younger ones in energy and the bottom line, and why 30,000 people get booted from a dating site. >> and now, there is sports.
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>> yes. >> and we'll talk basketball because despite story that's is about to be traded warriors say there is no deal involving their best player. the and there is tons of speculation, monte to philly and new warriors head coach has said he wants to keep and today, gm larry riley said barring an mazing offer, expect ellis to be a warrior next season. >> i'm pretty sure he will be here. and... it's just one of those things that seems like people take a story and it takes on a life of its own and goes crazy. that is what is all about. >> see, warriors have the 11th pick. giants and a's and the giants managed a grand total of five
6:55 pm
runs in three games in oakland. hough is hoping history repeats its self and the offense come as life, again. >> we came here last year and turned around. hopefully that gets them become in a better time. we're going to have to figure out ways of scoring. and working counts a little bit better, just not getting too much that have going on. >> the sweep gives a's hope in what is looking like a lost season. and the new manager provided a spark and owe so has the speedy new rookie jamal weeks. >> he can feel. and can hit. being called up on june 7th. there is a 364 average. >> i feel great this, is where i've been wanting to be.
6:56 pm
so this feels great. >> baseball has been in the family for generation autos it's been part of the family. my grandfather played and dad played and down to my brother. i just follow suit. >> less than two weeks he has been a game changer. four doubles, and two stolen bases and importantly, a's are winning. >> this is an opportunity to try to be a part of the team. that is probably the most exciting thing. we're winning now. it's -- it's me, i'm helping out this team win. it's something i've been seeing myself on this season. >> nice to be young, fast and talented. the cal baseball team had to fight throughout the loser's bracket. they're going to have to do the same thing again if they want to stick around for any length of time. cal lost in omaha and there is
6:57 pm
a double elimination event so. tomorrow, it's a win or go home situation. >> i think our team is not here just to participate and i think we made that clear if you're just happy to be here you'll be going home fairly soon. they're here to win ball games. and they want to give themselves the best chance to win. >> game one at wimbledon there is venus williams victorious as well. >> thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. we'll see you here at 9:00 and 11:00.
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